Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Easy and Quick simple recipe for restaurant-style veg cheese grilled sandwich prepared in 10 mins. Following various simple steps described in the photos. Happy feasting.

Veg Grilled Cheese Sandwich is an exotic sandwich made with new vegetables and paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) and seasoned with flavors. Here we will tell you how to prepare it following the step by step photos.

Veg Sandwiches are tasty as well as the speediest and least demanding suppers to get prepared. This Veg Grilled Cheese Sandwich preparation is likewise extremely healthy as it is stacked with vegetables and paneer. This is a sweet and fiery sandwich with a filling of cabbage, tomato, cucumber, Carrot, Onion, Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese), Mayonnaise and Mozzarella cheddar.

You can likewise include capsicum, beetroot or cauliflower to the filling.

A veg Grilled cheese sandwich is really easy and quick to cook. You can have it in the breakfast or at midday snacking, and eventually best for the evening snack. here is the easiest way of cooking veg grilled sandwich with all the ingredients easily available at home. Let’s get started with the following steps.

                           HOW TO MAKE THE RECIPE

Veg cheese grilled sandwich

Step 1)

Here the spread is prepared using onions, cucumber, and tomato, you can also use shredded cabbage, carrot and cottage cheese or green vegetables for more healthy eating. Finely chop the onions, tomato, and cucumber. Add them in a bowl along with mayonnaise or any other spreads of your choice. You can use any shredded cheese too if you like for more enriched taste. It will give a more rich look to your veg cheese grilled sandwich.

Sandwich spread

Step 2)

Then add 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise, Black Pepper Powder, chaat masala, Sugar and Salt. You may not need to add any sugar if the mayonnaise you are using already contains sugar. Mix all the ingredients together.

spread mix

Step 3)

Spread some tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mint sauce on the bread slice generously, you can also add other spreads such as garlic mayonnaise, jalapeno sauce, garlic sauce, or any other spread as per your choice. Then spread out the filling evenly on a slice of bread. Cover it with another slice of bread and press gently to bind the bread slices together. You can also spread a layer of coriander chutney for some extra flavor if you want.

Step 4)

Heat a Tawa (girdle) or a pan and spread some butter generously, ghee or oil can also be a good option. Place the sandwich on the Tawa on a low-medium flame for a minute. When the lower side of the veg cheese grilled sandwich turns golden brown and crisp. Then flip it and repeat for the other side too till both the sides are cooked properly and look crisp enough to feast.

veg cheese grilled sandwich on the griddle

                             For White cheese sauce:

Heat a non-stick pan on low flame, generously add 1 teaspoon butter or you can add more butter as per your taste. Add 1 cup milk and finally add shredded cheese and stir it well for 2 minutes or so, till it forms a semi-thick paste. Delicious white sauce for your veg grilled cheese sandwich is ready to enrich your taste buds. Spread the cheese over the sandwich generously or you can also fill this sauce in your veg cheese grilled sandwich. 

A veg cheese grilled sandwich is one of the perfect snacks for your evening cravings.

Enjoy your restaurant style veg grilled at home, serve it hot and warm, with a  cup of coffee or tea. Happy feasting.

This recipe of veg cheese grilled sandwich does not need cooking, sautéing or blanching veggies, as all the vegetables are used raw. Preparing it in a sandwich maker simplifies the task if you are serving a big family. However, you can prepare it on a griddle/Tawa if you have to serve 1 or 2 people. Here the sandwich shown in the picture serves one person, it is definitely healthy and a wholesome meal for one. As it contains healthy veggies and cheese as a good source of protein and nutrition.

Veg cheese grilled sandwich is mostly enjoyed by children as they are the lovers of cheese. you can also prepare veg cheese grilled sandwich for your child’s lunchbox at school. As it is super quick and easy to make in the morning without any hustle. If you wish to add more nutrition to your child’s or family’s diet, you can also use more nutritious veggies such as broccoli, carrot, beans, sweet corns and other green veggies as per your choice to the bread spread. You can use Brown bread, whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread.


CALORIES: 315 Kcal  | CARBOHYDRATES: 34 g | PROTEIN: 15 g | FAT: 13g |SATURATED FAT: 7g |SUGAR: 5g | CHOLESTEROL: 36 mg |IRON: 2.1 mg |VITAMIN C: 18.5 mg |CALCIUM : 269 mg |POTASSIUM: 238 mg |FIBER : 3g |SODIUM: 557 mg

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