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Home Salon Service in Deharadun


Home Salon Service in Deharadun is a very easy and useful way to maintain your beauty these days. In this busy and hectic lifestyle heading to your nearest beauty parlor is sometimes not possible. There are varieties of reasons for this- be it time issue, distance to the nearest beauty salon, or sometimes your laziness can too act as a reason.

Without proper beauty salon services you look plain and simple on the occasion where you needed to be looked beautiful and gorgeous. So, is there any solution to this issue?

Yes! Kaam Ke Bande is one of the leading home salon service providers in Dehradun. You can now appointment and call a highly qualified experienced and trained beautician at your home. By KKB Home Salon Service in Deharadun, you bring the salon to your sitting room with the best home beauty treatments at affordable prices. This enables you to just sit, relax, and avail professional beauty parlor services in the comfort of your home.

 Just book KKB Home Salon Service in Deharadun and get the best Salon at Home in one call,

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When do you need KKB Home Salon Service urgently at your doorstep?-

  • While returning from the office you got a surprise call from your best friend to attend a party at a particular venue. After office, you got punctured by the mind and look both so you need a beauty treatment at home promptly.
  • Planning for a friend’s wedding, you noticed that you are not well maintaining yourself. And there is no extra time to groom perfectly by stepping to a salon. You may need an urgent hairdresser to avoid extra hiccups.
  • Everyone wants first come first serve services! And the cause of limited salon in your locality you spend your precious time sitting in the corner of the salon for your turn. How to avoid this?
  • You have no time to bring your kids to the salon for a haircut, so you need a hairdresser at your doorsteps.
  • Want to try new looks but have no time to attend the parlor or salon in a busy schedule
  • During Indian marriage bride and bridegroom need regular touch-ups cause of so long procedure, a beauty attendant should be there to attend to them all the time.
  • Need a complete makeover at your home but no nearby spa is available to assist you at your home.

How does KKB Home Salon Service in Deharadun works?

You can choose Home Salon Service in Deharadun through the website and call us.

A trained and professional beauty expert depending on the service will be assigned to you.

Next, you just have to look forward to our on-time, hygienic service. All KKB beauty experts are professionals who are trained in not just salon services. But also we are providing you with the best experience possible. Moreover, high-end cosmetic brands like O3+, Rica, etc. with their wide range of facial makeup, facial scrubs, and facial bleach are perfect for your skin while their hair treatment products revamp and rejuvenate your hair.

Cut, streaks, Brazilian smoothing, blow-dry, waxing, manicure, face skin treatment, makeup… all your wishes will be granted. A kind of “beauty room service” of amazing efficiency. Once you have selected what you want and your time slot, the platform looks for the closest available pro.

The must? Rates are not much higher than a salon or an institute. No bad surprises, the price is displayed immediately during the reservation and the site only charges you once the service is done.

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