Painting Girls Bedroom

Girl`s Bedroom Ideas-How To Design & Decorate

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas

Painting Girl`s Bedroom ideas depend on the personality and age group of the girl living in it. Also, Isn’t it interesting how an ideal bedroom is also responsible for shaping a girl’s personality? It is an expression of who they are. As the bedroom is the most comfortable and peaceful place where a person spends most of their time. While selecting the paint color or the decorations of a girl’s bedroom; first try to know the girl’s personality and her likes and dislikes as girls can be very choosy and moody. Each girl is one of her kind, her thinking resembles a perpetual universe. So let’s explore the various fascinating ideas. How you can create the most desirable and comfortable bedroom for girls depending on their trait and age group.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Girls Bedroom

Nowadays girls of every age group are adamant to stay updated with the latest trends and the modern dynamic environment. Especially, when it comes to designing their room or shaping their personality. Girls are more concerned than boys about their bedroom as they are more creative and want everything to be perfect.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom With Purple & Gold Color For The Dreamy Royal Look

So now, purple is the favorite color of 90 % of the girls, so purple is always one of the great ideas for a girl’s bedroom, and the gold and silver touch of paint in contrast with purple color looks ravishing and gives a beautiful dreamy royal look to the bedroom. A girl will definitely feel like a royal highness, and the purple and golden color boosts their self-esteem and makes girls more confident and outstanding in every aspect of their lives. A girl’s bedroom with purple and gold color will feel like her own little paradise on earth.

Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Purple & Gold Color

Coral And Aqua For The Bright And Fresh Look

Giving a light beach look for a girl’s bedroom is a stunning idea. Coral and aqua color ideas give the girl’s bedroom a very pleasant bright and cheerful fresh looks. This makes the girls more calm, sophisticated, polite and cheerful. It also makes her the most responsible one and a strong personality is noticed. You can also add a storage place, a study table with wardrobes or board in her preteen or teenage. An Ombre shade dresser with good space to keep her stuff organized adds a mesmerizing look to the girl’s bedroom. A girl’s bedroom with coral and aqua color can also be given an aquarium theme, beach theme. A calm and soothing sunrise theme. You can also buy some coral and aqua-themed decoration stuff for your girl’s bedroom. They can be pillows, curtains, bedsheets, wardrobe and more.

Aqua & Coral

A Chalkboard Wall For The Entertainment

A chalkboard wall is the most trending and most interesting wall paint currently. Chalkboard paint ideas in the girl’s bedroom are the perfect entertainment area for your girl. Especially, if she is creative, artistic and imaginative. A girl will fall in love with her room. Also, the chalkboard paint area will be the best area for a girl and her friends to lounge in. Chalkboard paint in your girl’s bedroom is one of the best ideas. It will also help her in her studies, and keep her highly energized and motivated. She can make important notes during exams. She can write down some important things which she has difficulty in remembering. This way her memorizing power will improve and good grades are always on her way.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Chalkboard Paint

If your girl possesses artistic trait, then you have to get her a wall of chalkboard paint. This way, she can explore her art & stay confident. If you don’t want your chalkboard paint to be in black color, no worries. We’ve got you sorted. Chalkboard paint comes in many vibrant colors such as hot pink, cobalt blue, lime green, and purple.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Pink Chalkboard Paint

Princess Themes For The Preteen Innocence

Princess theme ideas for a girl’s bedroom are undoubtedly trendy. They give a very beautiful and fabulous look to your girl’s bedroom. Mostly All the girls are dreamy and like all the fairytale stuff since childhood.  Okay, so the question here comes from where to start? Well, we are here at your rescue; you can always start with selecting the right colors over which you can place a princess or fairy themes. These colors can be many shades of pink, yellow, blue, green or purple. For that matter, a beige is also a good option.

Princess Theme

After selecting the right color for your girl’s bedroom, you can select any fairy or princess themes. “Preferably select the theme what your girl likes” and paint the room as it tells a story. For example “snow white and the seven dwarfs”, “Cinderella”, or any other cartoon character which is your girl’s favorite. Decoration with unicorns, wands, fairies, hearts can also be fantabulous.  A girl’s bedroom with a storyline of her favorite fairy will surely be the best thing ever happened to her. She will definitely cherish this all her life as the best memory. The princess, angel or fairy theme walls will keep her calm and happy and always a cheerful person.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Princess Theme

Polka Dots For Cheerful And Playful Look

Polka dots are the classic pattern from the ’90s, but they have been always appreciated and loved by all. They always make a grand comeback from time to time. Many girls are very fond of polka dots, they never go out of fashion. Be it in dresses they wear or the bedroom interior.

Here the question is what colors to choose for the base? What contrast of polka dot colors should we choose among the various varieties? Well, here is the plan. First of all, for the base color choose any paint shade among the various neutral colors; such as beige, mauve, white, grey, lilac, blue or baby pink. Over that about the polka dot contrast; you can use contrasts such as pink and gold dots, purple and gold dots; blue and silver dots, pink and purple dots. The shades of yellow, green and orange will also give a cheerful and playful look to the girl’s bedroom. Polka dots will always give a classy and modern look to the bedroom as they never go out of style.

Painting Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Polka Dots

Painting Girl`s Bedroom With Pastel Colors For Modern And Sophisticated Look

Ideas of pastel colors are very trendy, mostly for a girl’s bedroom. You can always use wonderful combinations of pastel blue, violet, and soft turquoise. They enriching soothing look for your grown-up girl’s bedroom. A girl will definitely love the idea of calm refreshing pastels on her bedroom’s wall. It gives a very relaxing comfortable environment for a girl’s bedroom and also she will remain energetic and positive. If a girl’s bedroom is not enough spacious, there are many pastels which can make a room look spacious. For example, soft mint green with the contrast of bright yellow and orange. Also, these pastels add very positive vibes to the girl’s bedroom making it look big and creating a lively cheerful personality.

Girl`s Bedroom Ideas
Pastel Colors

Forgiving a wholesome rich look to a girl’s bedroom, only decorating walls is not enough. The choice of right furniture and fixtures matching the walls is also mandatory to be considered. A bedroom is the only most important place where she will sleep, socialize, play, study and grow up. You can also place some pillows and rugs with inspirational quotes. It will make her more confident and wise at her hard times. Creating a steady and peaceful environment for a girl is mandatory. You can also use vibrant colors, bold imagination for high energy girl’s bedrooms. I hope these trendy ideas stated above are useful to you in preparing your girl’s bedroom.

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