Home Deep Cleaning Process

Types Of Home Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning by an individual can be challenging. A healthy house leads to a healthy life.  As most people are working and do not get much time to clean their houses. Everyone wants to live in a clean and pleasant house. The busy schedule leads to the failure of taking care of the house. There are many parts of the house which need cleaning that we randomly miss taking care of.

One of the problems of people is that cleaning the house takes excessively long and is exhausting. In this way, one of the most accommodating cleaning tips is to break bigger errands into littler squares of time.

For example, in the event that you realize that you have one hour every day to give to your home, once in a while complete 15 minutes toward the beginning of the day, an additional 15 minutes when you initially return home from work, and the most recent 30 minutes once in a while before you go to sleep.

Home Deep Cleaning Process
Home cleaning

Bedroom cleaning :

The most important parts to clean in the bedroom which is usually not clean. Furniture Dusting, Mattress Vacuuming, Cupboard Cleaning from outside too, Windows & Grills, Lighting Fixtures, Floor Scrubbing, bed cleaning and Dry dusting of Walls and ceiling. The basic solution is to take an old pillowcase/rash rags and dust your fan blade, windows, and grills, dressing, and cupboards from outside. For all the decorative items glasses, windows and mirrors, old newspapers can be used with the deep cleaning options available in the market, such as Colin. Use a broom to the corners of the walls to get rid of the spider webs and dust.

Home Deep Cleaning Process
bedroom cleaning

Bathroom :

In House, bathroom cleaning is one of the important aspects. What we go through each day, sinks, showers, tubs and toilets deserve special attention. It can be exhausting to deep clean the bathroom and keep daily.

Home Deep Cleaning Process
bathroom cleaning


Cleaning the toilet isn’t most people’s idea, but it is important to be hygienic.

Pour any liquid toilet cleaner into the bowl, for 2/3 hours at least. Some time is necessary to dissolve deposits and kill germs and make the bowl shiny. Brushing toilet bowl is a must. Curved bowl brushes reach up and under the toilet, rim to flush away hidden deposits. Scrubbing the toilet leaves a stubborn ring that regular cleaning won’t help, pumice stone is a good measure. This natural stone is porous and crumbles. Rub the stone directly on the ring to remove the deposit. The Use of all-purpose bathroom cleaner to spray toilet rims, seat, and lid, tank and bowl exterior. Antibacterial cleaning products require a certain time of wet exposure to kill germs. Wipe clean and dry with fresh cleaning cloths.

Home Deep Cleaning Process
toilet cleaning

Kitchen :

Kitchen is the place at home which should be the cleanest. As a food that we consume daily is prepared in the kitchen, so having kitchen deep cleaned is the priority. Major parts to take care of in the kitchen cleaning are a refrigerator, sink, counter tops, cabinets, pantry, and the floor.  Fill your sink with hot soapy water and pour in 1 cup bleach. Let it remain for about an hour, then empty and scrub clean using water and baking soda. You will get the shiny sparkling sink. Soapy water is also used to clean counter tops and then wipe them with a dry and clean old cloth. For the cabinets use cleaning wipes these can be used for doors also; use a toothpick or any thin tool to poke clean any corners and edges and wash off all the dirt.

Natural cleaning solutions like baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide is of great use to clean all the kitchen appliances. For the floors  Sweep the kitchen floors first, giving consideration to hidden areas, for example, the space underneath the stove. Use of vinegar and high temp water can be very beneficial. The vinegar goes about as a characteristic smell remover, and its aroma will disseminate as it dries.

Home Deep Cleaning Process
kitchen cleaning

Hall and other general cleaning:

It is important to keep the place where live clean and hygienic. Sometimes we feel our house is looking clean because it looks beautiful. Still, there are many hidden areas in the house which are prone to the germ. House cleaning is the most efficient and effective manner to keep our house hygienic and good to breathe in. A totally clean house is surrounded by the layer of positivity and good vibes. The peace and satisfaction you get looking at your house all clean and shiny are worth living. Happy

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